About You

When you become sick and tired from being sick and tired about your results in life-and when you want to drastically improve them-then you will do something about it. Get to that pain as quickly as you can if you are not already there now-because then you will want to change- you will want to finally move away from it.

And that is when you will be ready to see that there is an exciting journey ahead; a different road for you to travel down paved with opportunity. A journey that will be filled with success, happiness and unrivaled fulfillment.

I am the author of  ‘Ignite the Spark, Explode Your Results’ 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Kick-Start Your Life, a qualified NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapist and Life Enhancement Coach. But what is more important is my experience of overcoming adversity, climbing back to the top and living a life of freedom and choice. I know what it takes to truly kick-start your life and start getting you what you want.

And believe me, anything really is possible.

I have studied people since the age of four, which is close to 47 years, and the self-improvement sector for over 28 years. My perception of what is holding you back from living life on your own terms is uncanny and accurate.

My coaching program encompasses 15 hours (Plus email correspondence) of one-to-one sessions over a 3 month period. You choose when to spend these 15 hours at your convenience. These sessions will truly change your life-forever.

Please contact me for prices and available dates using the form below, thank you.


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